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Deploying an IOT Application on Google Cloud with App Engine.

Why IOT is important and how easy it is to build now.


Nike, The Startup Way: An Analysis of How Nike Began as a Startup.

Nike is a huge brand with exceptional reach. A few know that it actually began as a startup.


SQLite and Unity: How to do it right. - Rizwan Asif - Medium

Tutorials and best practices of using databases in mobile applications, with reference to my own entrepreneurial journey.


Neurolinguistic Programming for young entrepreneurs - Medium

Take control of your uphill battles. Written by Rizwan Asif and Sidra Ali


I created an application just because I wanted to. - Rizwan Asif - Medium

I cheated YouTube to stop sucking my battery.


China’s Alibaba landed on Sakaar - Rizwan Asif - Medium

The arrival of the e-commerce giant in the U.S, the impacts and lessons.


Deploy Directly From GitLab to Google App Engine - Faun - Medium

A simple tutorial to make your application ready for continuous integration. Just push to your GitLab repository and it is deployed.


CricFlex - Rizwan Asif - Medium

World’s first wearable technology for cricket


Less Captains More Ships — Decline of the Shipping Industry - Medium

Causes and solutions of the attrition in terms of trained sea officers in the maritime/shipping industry.


Teaching Machines About Human Ethics – Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine

Let’s teach artificial intelligence they way we learn.. by storytelling.


NASA Twin Study: The Aging Paradox Proved?

NASA recently sent an astronaut Scott Kelly to the International Space Station (ISS) for a one year mission. The results suggest that the flight affected his aging process when compared with his identical twin brother.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Automating Your Office Chores

How RPA can change the way our offices operate. A case motivated guide for people who need robots in their office.


Resolving Ethical Dilemma in Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence can learn the way humans do.